New Zealand ‘Shanyrak’

Shanyrak symbol of home. Symbol of the Universe

for Lesley Marshall
and PEN-New-Zealand

There is an empty chair in New Zealand –
Kept for me on writers’ congress,
That is the God to turn me –
Back to an ‘environment’, to a writer’s place!

Writer is an armchair worm –
Gnawing science tomes,
Only sometimes he affects –
Having published poems and novels.

And Life, seems to be passing by,
Writer – the life’s contemplator,
Yet he is present invisibly,
On the stricken filed with us.

Writer, he is the THRID EYE –
And he sees through distance,
And contemplates the “SHANYRAK” –
And us, the fighters on the stricken field.

And if in Kazakhstan bulldozer breaks homes –
Family’s asylum, a Holy Hearth,
By doing that they break
New Zealand ‘SHANYRAK’ too!

As ‘SHANYRAK’ is not merely a shelter, roof –
In summer heat, in winter cold,
‘Shanyrak’ is a Segner wheel, given from above,
A symbol of the Sky, the Sun, the eternal motion!

The world is a running Segner wheel –
From the crucifixion till the crucifixion
Christ, He also had been a REVOLUTIONARY –
Social-Justice and Democracy!

Quotation: “And TENGRI sees my soul –
With the eyes of the *Aruakh,
With the Nation’s karma –
I am crucified on the ‘SHANYRAK’!

…There is an empty chair in New Zealand –
Kept for me on writers’ congress,
Wait, my friends, and I will come back –
Not for an empty place!

Aron ATABEK 12.10.2014
Pavlodar, SI-14, solitary confinement, punishment cell of the PKT, c.#36

*Aruakh — Kazakh ‘Ancestor’s spirit’.

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